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Who We Are: Cash for Cars

Cash for Cars Spring Valley in Spring Valley, California is dedicated to buying cars, from those who are looking to get rid of their used cars quickly. We buy your used cars! We do not sell cars! Our company purchases used cars of all different types. All used cars are welcome for a price quote. Come in today and find out your car’s value!

We Buy Cars in Spring Valley

Thinking of selling your used car? Are you eyeing a brand new car? Need to sell your current car first? Think no more! Are you worried about the condition or mileage on your car? Do not let those reasons stop you from selling your used car! We buy cars regardless of the mileage, condition, or year. No car is worthless to us. It is simple! Bring in your car and get a quote after appraisal. There is no obligation to sell your car to us. All you need is your used car, vehicle registration, proper identification and the car’s title.

Why Choose Us

We will do our best to offer you the best value for your used car. Our licensed car buyers will ensure you get an offer that is acceptable. They are trained to appraise used cars properly at the best market rate. Our goal is to buy your used car at a fair price! A fair price is determined by checking online databases. One way of finding out your car’s value is by checking its Blue Book price value. Of course, we also base it on our vehicle inspection. In this way, you can get a customized quote. We understand that not all cars are the same. The Kelley Blue Book does not take everything into consideration. After all, it is a database! Don’t worry, our evaluators know you are our priority. Our cash offer is much more likely to be higher than a trade-in value. You will get your cash instantly in a hassle-free process!

Why Us and Not a Dealer

Dealerships are motivated to buy used cars with the purpose of making money. They focus on buying used cars to re-sell them at a higher price. Dealerships want to make a profit. We are not motivated on making a profit off of you. Remember, we do not sell cars! We are solely focused on buying used cars. Moreover, we do not just focus on one brand or model. There is no car too old for us.

Tips to Get the Best Value

Although, we buy used cars in all conditions, we suggest some tips to get the best value for your car. Have an inspection done prior to bringing in your car to us. Before bringing in your car make sure that routine maintenance such as oil, antifreeze, transmission, and brakes are up to date. Keep your maintenance well documented as proof. Clean your car from the inside and out. If there are any scratches, tears, or cracks consider fixing them. See if the tires of your car are in good shape. These small purchases and/or fixes can result in a higher value price for your car. It may seem like your car is in great condition to you, but any problems will longer your car’s value. Take care of your car to get the best first impression. Our evaluators will need to inspect your used car thoroughly prior to giving you an offer. Nonetheless, we will take your vehicle just the way it is!